Dr. Frederika Tsai is a curator, dramaturge, and theatre-maker who is based in Germany and works around the world.

Ms. Tsai talks about social issues in her work: the arrival and coexistence of old and new urban residents, the social pressure on the Flinta bodies, the different ways of life, and the criticism of the religious fanatics who add other pains in the name of religion. She works as a curator, dramaturge, and theatre-maker. And she discusses social issues not only in the theater context: She is an activist against racism and sexism and organizes different actions on these topics. Meanwhile, she works also as a community organizer.

She is Taiwanese-German, and a world citizen, though she focuses to commit more to local issues and structural changes in the cultural sector in Germany. She does not always see her way and has sometimes fear for the end of her artist career. Still, she never gives up and stands up for her ideas. Working as active member at Initiative für Solidarität am Theater (ISaT) and The Magdalena Project is her contribution to theatre world besides her artistic practice.

She asks often where is her "home". Her current answer: The Spot, where my love is, is my "home". It is theatre, Rheinland in Germany, and arts.